Layout Design & Plot Demarkation

We have a huge collection of packaging products that comprises Cardboard Boxes. A cardboard box is made of different types of paper materials like crepe paper sheets, printed paper sheets and paper boards. The cardboard boxes and cartoons are highly resistant to the dust materials. These cardboard packaging products are also appreciated for its light weight and eco-friendly properties.

The printed cardboard boxes are widely used in packaging of electronics gift items. Manufacturers also add printed labels and logos on the cardboard boxes as per the demands of the clients. A paper board is slightly thicker than paper sheets. The sealing of paper board boxes is done using staple pins, adhesive tapes and fiber strings. The packaging boxes are available in small, medium and large sizes that fulfill the varied requirements of the industry. The paper board boxes are environment friendly as its disposal does not adversely affect the atmosphere.

Many daily use products like cosmetics, processed foods, baked foods, soaps and detergents are supplied to the customers in cardboard boxes. Some cardboard boxes are made of laminated paper sheets. The laminated paper boxes consist of thin plastic coated paper sheets that protect the upper surfaces from stained particles and moisture. Perishable items like processed foods and eggs are supplied in laminated packaging boxes. Our company has a well equipped infrastructure that helps us in designing high quality paper and wooden packaging boxes.