Plane Table Survey

Plane table surveying is based on the principle that lines drawn during plotting always lie parallel to the corresponding lines actually present on the ground. For example, let us consider four ground stations A, B, C and D which on joining provides a rectangle ABCD. This has been plotted on a sheet of paper at a scale by plane table surveying. Here, the sides AB, BC, CD and DA are plotted in such a way that they are parallel to the sides actually available on the ground.

At each station, the plane table is required to get set up before carrying out any plotting work. It basically consists of the three operations: fixing, centring and leveling.

Contour Survey

We have specialized team to identify any kind of difference in the elevation of the existing ground. Countour survey services are customized services as it depends on the customer requirement. The main work starts for the design team which starts work on "proposed ground profile". Later on we design the drains for the proposed site(Industrial building, roads etc.)

The computation works starts now for cutting and filling for the analization of the ground profile and finally leveling which gives the accuracy in the work.